Trade Crypto Smarter with Machine Learning.

Why Beat Profit

Trade Crypto

Crypto market is now the most profitable trading market. Crypto market is more transparent than stock market, which means more market behavior can be predicted by Machine Learning. Our models include famous Stock Trading Strategy(State Variables) and Machine Learning RNN, XGBoost.. etc, help you earn more with pure science.

Secure and Safe

BeatProfit is just a helping tool proving trading insights, not a automatic trading platform. That means, no reveal of private keys or your signature. WE WILL BEVER ASK YOU TO ENTER YOUR BITCOIN PRIVATE KEYS.

Trade Faster

Our backend server update every 1.5 second, make sure you have all the information you need in REAL TIME when you click the long or short button. Our models are also self-retraining all the time, updates our parameters every 2 hour to fit the market behavior.

Fair Price

We only ask you to pay a one-time fee to enable each prediction model, then you can enjoy all the profits on your own. We believe that the price is afordable for most crypto traders, and we would be happy to discuss more with you individually.